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About Termites

About Termites

There are thousands of different species of termites around the world. Most species live in their natural environment eating trees or grass or other dead vegetation. However there are some species of termites that have adapted to human development and attack many wooden structures causing immense damage.
Termites cause billions of damage across the world every year. They can cause significant damage to the structure of buildings with wooden content which often requires expensive work to repair.
Detecting termites early and erradicating them before major damage has been done will save you a lot of money.

What do termites sound like?

This is a real unedited smartphone recording of termites

If you’ve ever heard a ticking sound similar to pouring milk over rice bubbles coming from your walls there is a good chance it is termites destroying your home. This sound is the termites warning others in the colony of danger by banging their heads against the walls of their tunnels. This then spreads through the entire colony so every termite is aware soldiers are to report to the threat and workers are to head to the safe centre of the colony.

Types of Termites

Subterranean termites
live in the soil and may search a large area for above ground food sources through tunnels. Walls and other wooden parts of your home attrack termites because they are a good source of food and can be in contact with the ground. Since termites eat the wood from within it can be difficult to spot them until a lot of damage has been done. The size of the food source in a home can mean that many termites can feed for a long time without needing to travel and search further afield.
Drywood termites
do not need to live in soil for moisture or their mound. They can fly to any suitable wood and start a colony inside the wood.

What damage can termites do?

There is no specific answer to how quickly termites could eat your home because it depends hugely on the size of the colony. There have been colonies found with 3 million termites! A colony of that size would have no problems causing hundreds of thousands of dollars’ damage to your home in very little time.
Termites don’t just eat wood, there are over 2000 species of termites and some have been seen eating plastic, clothing, truck tyres and even rusty metal! Once they have found their way into your home through a small crack in concrete or a mud tunnel from the ground they will begin eating. It is also important to remember that termites never sleep so they will eat your home 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
In most cases termites go unnoticed for many months and even years causing more and more damage with every day going by. That’s why you need to use Termite Buster regularly to keep your home safe.

Termite Behaviour

Because termites feed mostly on wood they can compromise the strength and safety of an infested structure. Damage can make the structure unliveable until expensive repairs have been completed. Because termites can cause serious damage before being noticed it is advisable that regular inspections are undertaken to catch them early.

Signs of Termite Damage

Termites can access the food sources through constructed tunnels then buld from saliva, mud and feces. The result of an infestation may leave the walls and other parts of the home hollowed out as they eat the home from within.

Are there termites in your area?

Termites are found on every continent other than Antarctica so there is a very good chance that yes there are termites in your area.

Interesting reseach and Articles about Termites

  • Termite Headbangers
    Researchers have filmed termites banging their heads. They also found that different species of termites bang their heads at different rates. This can be used to more accurately find the species in a termite infestation.

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