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About Termite Buster

The Idea

A number of years ago we discovered that termites have this interesting behavior where they bang there heads when they are disturbed. This lead to an interesting idea, what if we could detect the sound termites make using a smart phone and what's more we could detect this sound through the wall. So we set about researching termites and developing an app to detect termites.

Developing the App

The termite detector app uses the latest smart phones and technology to enable the detecting of termites within your home. The app records the sound within the wall and analyses it for sounds made by termites and can give you risk assessment of termite infestation.

We continually update our data to provide the best analysis possible. The sound recordings made provide an extensive database of termites and sounds from other pests. We also collate the results from the pest inspections and exterminations to increase our knowledge of early detection.

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