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Turn your mobile into a termite detection device

The Termite Buster app uses advanced patented software to help you detect termites in your home.

30% of homes in risk areas have had some kind of termite activity. Early detection can save major $$$, so don’t risk it, download the app today!

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So, how does the termite buster app work?

Did you know one in three homes in risk areas experience termite damage,
exceeding the cost of damage from fire, floods and natural disasters?



If you’ve ever had a termite inspection by a pest-control professional before you will have noticed them walking around your home, banging on walls and placing a futuristic device against them. When termites are disturbed they send out a distress signal which spreads through the colony. Termites create this signal by vibrating their heads really quickly, making an audible sound. This is what pest-control professionals listen for with these devices.

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Termites “bang their heads” so loudly that even the built-in microphone of an iPhone or Android device can hear it! We’ve been able to effectively identify the sounds termites make and designed an advanced patented software which compares these sounds against an online database in seconds (kind of like how other apps can identify what song your listening to), letting you know if you have potential termite activity in your home.

Listen to a real recording of termites
‘banging their heads’

Try the termite buster app for yourself!

Search for ‘Termite Buster’ on the app store or choose your
device below and click the link to download the app directly:
Termite Buster Android

Available for Android

The Termite Buster app is available on Android devices such as HTC, Samsung, Sony, Motorola, LG and more. It is compatible with most Android software versions and will also work on some tablets.

available on google play store

Termite Buster iPhone

Available on iPhone

The Termite Buster app is available on Apple iPhones 3 and above. It is compatible with iOS 5, 6 & 7 or higher and will also work on both iPad and iPad mini.

Available on the App Store

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